Learning Land is a warm community of parents, teachers and children. Once you and your child walk through our door you will be welcomed into the Learning Land family. We will do everything possible to make your child's transition to Learning Land a very positive experience for your family. If you are a returning family with a younger sibling beginning school, teachers and other families alike will be happy to see you again! Many families return to Learning Land as younger siblings come of age. In fact, even parents who attended Learning Land as preschoolers have returned with their own children!

Friendships between families develop throughout the school year and summer as we offer additional family events.

Some of our Learning Land community events for you and your family may include:

  • Open House

  • Parent's Coffee during teacher conferences

  • Family Fun Night

  • Maine State Music Theater children's performances

  • Learning Land picnic

  • Snow Ball

  • Sledding Party


Some activities vary from year to year, and others, like Family Fun Night, have been Learning Land traditions for many years.

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